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This webpack loader is used to inject theme/locale modules for used components only at build time.

You can specify style/script module you want to inject into each VEUI component in loader options:

modules: [
    package: 'veui-theme-dls',
    fileName: '{module}.less'
    package: 'veui-theme-dls',
    fileName: '{module}.js',
    transform: false

Options above result in importing two extra modules for each component. eg. For Button.vue, veui-theme-dls/components/button.less and veui-theme-dls/components/Button.js will be injected.

Why not use a Babel plugin?

As we know, in popular component libraries like Ant Design and Element, theme packages are injected with Babel plugins (babel-plugin-import/babel-plugin-component). VEUI is using webpack loader for the following reasons:

  1. webpack's resolving logic is transparent to Babel so we cannot accurately guarantee the module exists at the path resolved by webpack, so it's hard to specify arbitrary location of the theme package. veui-loader, on the other hand, can accurately check the existence of each generated path after resolved by webpack.

  2. Vue Loader cannot handle styles imported from script blocks while extracting component-level critical CSS, while veui-loader solved the issue by preprocessing .vue files and inject style blocks instead of injecting import statements into script block.


  • modules

    Type: Array<{package, path, fileName, transform}>

    The configuration of all extra modules to be injected into each component.

    Properties of each module:

    packagestring-The name of the injected package. It's generally the name of the theme package, like 'veui-theme-dls'.
    pathstring'components'The path of the directory containing the injected module.
    fileNamestring'{module}.css'The file name template corresponds to the component name. Must include the placeholder {module}.
    transformstring | boolean'kebab-case'Transformation applied for component names. The {module} part within fileName will be replaced with the transformed name. Provide false to prevent transformation. All possible values are 'kebab-case', 'camleCase' and 'PascalCase'.
  • locale

    Type: boolean | string=|Array<string>=

    The ID of the locale modules to be injected. Array values indicate to inject multiple locale packages. Defaults to zh-Hans. Current available values are zh-Hans and en-US.

    Provide false to explicitly prevent automatically injecting locale package. You need to import locale packages manually.

  • global

    Type: Array<string>=

    The array of module paths to be injected int every component.

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